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SAF 2014. During the summer it presented various theatrical, dancing and musical productions, underlying the importance of the performing arts, as well as it exhibited works of renowned international artists and upcoming Greek artists, works of fine arts, sculpture and photography.
It also contributed to the local community by organizing a mini youth musical festival and a conference regarding the issue of domestic violence against women, coordinated in collaboration with governmental and local authorities. This winter SAF organizes several educational programs, specially designed to bring closer children of elementary school with important and influential painters of the last two centuries, giving them as well the opportunity to create their own works and exhibit them in the halls of SAF. Meanwhile, in collaboration with the Cycladic Museum of Athens, SAF has been selected to introduce and present the pioneer educational project titled “Museum Luggage”, an educational program that motivates children to explore art history from the ancient era until the modern times. In summer 2015 SAF will present a diverse schedule of theatrical, dancing and musical productions. In addition, SAF will launch an exhibition under the title “Re-Movement”, hosting works created by internationally acclaimed artists for the first time in the Island of Santorini.

2015- VISUAL ARTS GROUP EXHIBITION- WORKSHOPS. As regards the visual arts sector for the year 2015, a multilevel project structured on a single thematic axis has been scheduled to be presented. Its presentation is based on and requires the exploitation of contemporary visual means, which will not only enforce the direct conceptual approach of the theme, but also the interaction with the public. The theme of the exhibition entitled ‘Removement’ constitutes a complex presentation of movement or alteration which distinguishes a place in specific sectors and fields. Every movement or alteration is expressed as an arrival or departure of a state, feeling, and image. Taking the above for granted, every place becomes a potential field of development for this project. The choice of Santorini as the place for presenting such an ambitious project is associated with the historical, geologic and social characteristics of this place, which are synonymous to constant movement and alteration. Geological transformations, internal migration, tourism, peoples’ arrivals and departures constitute a dynamic axis, which will promote the entire theme. Within this framework there has been a thorough research and collection of data, which was distributed to the participating artists as a compass to promote and develop their work. The selection of artists fulfils the vision for the participation of internationally renowned artists and the presence of groups from Greek Schools of Fine Arts, which enhance a multidimensional discussion between professors and students of different specialties and ages. This conscious choice infuses the artists with the project’s essence and makes them active members of a changing situation, therefore fully justifying the original philosophy behind the project.
The fact of not remaining static doesn’t only satisfy the aim of this intervention but it also fully introduces the heterogeneous audience (local community and visitors), which will participate. This life experience (a mixture of sound, visual and dynamic installations) guarantees a complete consolidation both conceptually and creatively. There is no intention on the part of
SAF to exhibit introversion, which is obvious from the workshops with a varied thematic organized to introduce students to different eras and techniques of visual arts.