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The Santorini Arts Factory and the Tomato Industrial Museum, moved by the tragic events that took place in our country, want to help in a substantial way in the support and relief of the victims, by providing financial support for the Lyreio Children’s Institution. You can support our effort further by buying tickets for any performance in this year’s festival.

The Lyreio Children’s Institution was founded in 1967, with the goal of providing food, education, and housing to unprotected children that have no parents for either social or family reasons. The foundation protects children until adulthood, where they will receive a full education and family support. They receive no sponsorships or subsidies.

The institution is located at Neos Voutzas, and was completely destroyed on the 23rd of July during the wildfires. The damages to the water and power supplies deem it uninhabitable, and 45 children are currently hosted in a volunteered quarters in Anavyssos, while 25 more people are located at Mr. Tzilavis’ Marathon Beach Hotel in Nea Makri.

If you wish to support the Lyreio Children’s Institution directly you can donate any amount in the following bank accounts:



BankBank AccountΙΒΑΝ
National Bank of Greece  149/480021-43  GR1101101490000014948002143
 Alpha Bank  176/00/2002000196  GR8301401760176002002000196
 Eurobank EFG  0026.0096.12.0100916725  GR 5302600960000120100916725
Pireaus Bank  5030-005943-722  GR4601720300005030005943722


After your deposit at the bank you can contact the Lyreio Institution on 6974.61.04.70 (10:00-16:00) or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., giving your contact information and the donation amount, so they can send you a receipt.